Katy Pool Service

We know Katy. We established our Katy division in 2014 to better serve our West Houston residents. The good people of Katy, TX welcomed us with open arms, and we have been providing pool maintenance and pool repair ever since. For the best in Katy pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair, call Manning Pool Service!

Katy Equipment Repair

Your pool is your investment. When equipment breaks or experiences normal wear and tear, you need to call a company you can trust. Manning Pool Service has almost 20 years of experience in pool equipment repair and we are proud to be a Certified Pentair Warranty Service Station.

Katy Pool Maintenance

Discover unparalleled pool maintenance in Katy, Texas. Our expert services ensure your pool remains a haven of crystal-clear water and uninterrupted relaxation. From meticulous cleaning to precise chemical balancing, we take care of every detail. Enjoy your pool year-round with our professional care.

You Can TRUST US in Your Backyard

Servicing Katy pools takes a special touch and a knowledge of the local topography. Katy is home to beautiful Oak and Crepe Myrtle trees that are stunning to look at, however, their leaves and buds can cause stains and could possibly having your pool and equipment working overtime. Our weekly cleaning service keeps the pool clean and that keeps Katy residents swimming all year long.

Pool Temperature

Contact Manning Pool for Your Katy Pool Service

Get the help you need to keep your pool looking stunning and feeling great. If you’re in the Katy area and need help with your pool, call us today at (713) 812-9098 or contact us online to request a free pool maintenance quote. Let us provide you with the services you need to get the pool you deserve – a Manning pool.

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