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Manning Has a New Location – Katy Pool Service

Manning Pool Service has brought beautiful results and above-average customer service to people all over the Houston area for over 10 years. Our success in Houston has led us to this exciting moment.

Manning Pool Service is proud to announce that the team now has a Katy pool service location to help make pools sparkle in Katy. Our service provides pool cleaning, maintenance, and pool repair to make all Katy pools sparkle. Founded in 2001, we master everything pool-related to help better pools in the Houston area. Now, we are bringing our services to the Katy area! For the best in Katy pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair, call Manning Pool Service!

Katy Pool Cleaning and Repair

Our goal is to make your pool the best it can be! We want to make your pool sparkle under the Texas sun with Katy pool cleaning services. Whether you want your pool cleaned or your pool equipment repaired, we’ll take care of it for you. Especially during the summer, you want your pool to be squeaky clean, in good working order, and ready to use! When something breaks, you need it fixed fast. We understand the need for a speedy repair service and can provide you with exceptional service at a reasonable price – in record time! Repairs and cleanings are a snap with Manning Pool Service. We’ve got you covered no matter what your needs are.

Katy Pool Maintenance

We understand that living in the Houston area means living a busy and fast lifestyle. From working to taking care of your family, it’s hard to schedule the time to maintain your pool. If you’re struggling to maintain your pool every week, stop stressing and simply call Manning Pool Service. Our mission is to provide you with the service you need to keep your backyard pool a stunning oasis. Maintenance is extremely important in terms of keeping your pool beautiful and in good working order. Regular maintenance every week lengthens the life of your pool and has many other major benefits. If your busy schedule is hurting your swimming pool, we have a solution for you – call Manning Pool Service. We will do the dirty work for you and keep your pool safe, clean, and in tip-top shape for you, your friends, and your family to use and enjoy.

A Service You Can Trust

Manning Pool Service is a pool cleaning, repair, and maintenance business dedicated to providing our community with exceptional customer service. We are family-owned and operated. We hire only experienced professionals who commit to our customer-first values. All of our technicians have a license in Certified Pool Operations by the National Swimming Pool Foundation or must obtain their license within 120 days of employment. We also provide dedicated customer service to you while also delivering the most cost-efficient services in the Katy area. You can count on us to provide excellent pool services to you and your home. Manning is committed to providing our customers with a pool experience they deserve – one that exceeds their expectations and leaves their pool looking gorgeous and operating well.

Contact Manning Pool for Your Katy Pool Service

Get the help you need to keep your pool looking stunning and feeling great. If you’re in the Katy area and need help with your pool, call us today at (713) 812-9098 or contact us online to request a free pool maintenance quote. Let us provide you with the services you need to get the pool you deserve – a Manning pool.

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