As the temperatures drop, it’s time to get your pool ready for winter. Most people agree that even though it may never get snowy and icy in Houston, it just doesn’t pay to keep your heated pool going all winter. If you take care of your pool in the fall, it will be easier to open it when the weather warms up next spring. If you need pool maintenance or pool repair Houston, the fall and winter seasons are a great time to take care of these things. Here are six tips to get your pool ready for the winter.

Clean Up

Pool CleaningStore your pool toys and equipment. Clean up the pool and get all the leaves and debris out of it. Leaves left in the pool over the winter will stain the floor. Then, make sure to clean the pool filter. It may be a good time to replace the filter if necessary. Scrub the pool walls to get all traces of dirt, along with the pool deck. Consider cleaning the outside of your pool and any equipment above ground.

Get a Cover

Before covering the pool, make sure your cover is clean. You don’t want to do all the work of making your pool sparkle and then place a dirty cover on it. If you haven’t bought a cover for your pool, consider a solar cover that prevents heat loss and evaporation. You can use the cover all year long, preventing leaves or other debris from getting in the water. Doing this can save you cleaning time and money. Your cover can also prevent freezing, just in case the temperatures do get low. Also, plan to keep your pool cover free of debris through the winter. Have a shop vac to remove water or debris from the cover after heavy rain or storm.

Check the Chemical Levels

Even though you aren’t swimming, you still need to check the pool chemicals to get ready for lower water use and lower temperatures. Adding an algaecide to your pool may help maintain its cleanliness. You’ll probably use fewer chemicals over the winter, but you want to monitor the chemicals to prevent pool damage or corrosion. You may also want to consider other winterization chemicals, such as a biocidal that prevents microorganisms from growing. If we get a heavy rainfall before the pool is covered, it can dilute the pool’s chemicals. You’ll want to check the pH and chemical levels before covering it.

Adjust the Temperature

Pool TilesIf you have been heating the pool to enjoy swimming in the cooler temperatures of fall, as you get closer to the winter months, you’ll want to readjust the thermostat. You don’t want to pay to heat a pool that isn’t in use. Adjusting the settings can prevent the heater from running all winter, preventing future pool repair Houston by lengthening its lifespan.

Get the System Winter-Ready

Although it rarely gets below freezing in Houston, you should pay attention to the weather, just in case. Your pipes may freeze and crack if the temperatures do drop below 32F. Even during the colder months, you may want to run your pump. You can also run the pump when the temperature drops to prevent freezing. You can also drain a few inches of water from your pool, but don’t let it get too low.

Plan For Pool Renovations Houston Over the Winter

Don’t wait for spring for pool remodeling Houston. Use the downtime over the winter to make repairs and renovations to your pool to not miss out when the temperatures do let you swim. Plus, your pool service company probably won’t be as busy in the winter months, which means you can schedule your remodeling project around your schedule instead of waiting for an opening. You also have more information about how you used your pool all summer and what would make it better next year.

Check Out Our Pool Cleaning Specials For Fall

Caring for your pool correctly in the fall should make it easier to open in the spring. Manning Pool Service is still offering pool repair Houston even during the pandemic. We take many precautions to keep our technicians and your family safe. We are chemical experts, CPO licensed and trained. Contact our team for fall maintenance on your pool or give us a call at (713) 812-9098 to discuss your needs.


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